Privacy Policy


For us you are very valuable, and as we know that your privacy and security is very important at all times, we work to keep all the data you provide us safe, but transparent to you.

BobeandoShop is an online store, owned by RSM Group IT Smart solutions SAS de CV (hereafter referred to as RSM Group), to learn more information we recommend you visit our Website.

BobeandoShop and RSM maintain a database with the information that our customers provide us when hiring our services, this is used in order to provide a quality service when a purchase is made in our online store or in case of RSM Group, when one of our visits is scheduled.

Among the data that BobeandoShop maintains when the registration of an account is generated are your name, address, email, telephone, and settings that you select when you open your account as well as your usage history and purchases in our store, This data is used exclusively for you to make purchases within our online store. You can verify all this information in the "My account" section.


obeandoShop will never make the sale, transfer, rental or dissemination by any means of your information, for any reason. You can check your data in the "My account" section.


We do not keep banking information, the whole process is carried out safely through our collection providers, if you pay for an item through PayPal, PayPal will make the payment on a secure platform, confirm the payment and we process your purchase., And likewise way, if you pay through MercadoPago, MercadoPago will make the payment, confirm the payment and continue the process of your purchase. So at no time we receive your bank details.

If you require more information, or request a copy of your data, the deletion of them or your account, you can contact us, for this visit our "Contact" section, where we will gladly assist.


RSM Group is generally limited to storing addresses, names, emails, telephones, billing information, services and guarantees.

In Grupo RSM we are committed to protecting the privacy of all our clients, so RSM Group will never share, sell, disclose or publish part or all of our clients' information.

Any of our regular clients may request a copy of their information contained in our databases.

Also, any of our owners may update or request the partial or total withdrawal of their information contained in our systems.

Once ownership is confirmed, the process of sending information, updating, or deleting data will not exceed 60 minutes, and in the case of data destruction, there will be no possibility of recovering it.


RSM Group collects secondary information by filling out forms, surveys or through cookies in your browser, in order to provide a better service.

The information with which we work is limited to the analysis of sites you visit to know your tastes and needs, in order to show you content, articles and services that you may need first hand, this whole process is carried out privately and automatically.

RSM Group will never sell, share or disclose your personal information or that collected by our systems.

If you are a customer, subscriber, or one of our users, you can contact us and ask for a copy of the information you have provided us, and if you have not registered, subscribed or filled out any of our forms or surveys, do not worry, since we do not collect information without your prior consent.

We remind you that the content of this page, as well as the Privacy policies may change without prior notice, so we suggest you visit this page regularly to keep up to date with possible updates.