Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

BobeandoShop is an online store that offers different products and services, therefore the specific terms of the acquired good will apply.


Any product purchased on our platform is backed by us and in some cases by the manufacturer, for this reason it has an initial 30-day warranty in case something different is not stipulated in each product.


In order to effectively perform the warranty validation, we ask:

  • That the product has been used under the "normal" conditions of use described in the product user manual.
  • That the product has not been disassembled, beaten, punctured, incinerated, or received any other type of physical damage or abuse that is not supported by the manufacturer.
  • That the item is delivered in its box and with all its original accessories.


All the services acquired on our platform will require a contract or agreement signed directly with our partners, which must contain the quotes, service clauses, processing or delivery times and the methods and payment dates, this in order to Protect you in case of faults or breaches by any of our partners, in which case we will intervene.

We remind you that all the service will have a contract that only you can accept or cancel, so we strongly advise you to read with the maintenance of the entire contract before signing it, since if our partners do not lack or lack any in the face of any disagreement on your part, we could not appeal in your favor.


The food purchased on our platform is backed by strict standards in terms of quality and health that directly require all our partners and distributors, for when you buy a food that can rest assured of what you are consuming.

If you have any problem with any of our distributors, you can contact us in our contact area.